Virtual Reality Navigation System

This is the virtual model of the building A of the ICT in Prague. It has been designed to take you to particular places, to show you how to get there in order to help you find it in the real building without delays.

Show me the way to the

I want to take a free walk.

How to...

In order to the VRNS could take you to the virtual walks, small virtual reality plug-in installed is requried. The VRNS works well with

Cortona VRML Client.

Move within the virtual model is quite simple - ordinary mouse and/or keyboard are sufficient tools. However, it can take a few moments to accustom to the movement control. If you have asked for virtual walk somewhere, don't try to move while the walk is in progress (some plug-ins can allow to affect control walk what would most likely lead to unexpected results). When the walk is finished, feel free to wander around...

Virtual walks

Virtual walks can show the way to some places. Just select destination and press GO. The system needs to do some operations now. When they are finished, the VRNS tells you he's ready. Just click on the Start walk button and new window with the virtual world will appear. It should look like this:

To start the walk, move mouse cursor over the sphere. When it starts react (change colors), click on it and enjoy the way...