About us

We are a unit of University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Department of Computer and Control Engineering (DCCE) is part of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. The department was founded in 1973 as the Department of Automated Control Systems in the Chemical and Food Industry.

At present, DCCE has a total of 19 academic and technical staff. The department runs courses in Computer Applications, Sigal and Image Processing, Control Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and System Identifiction or Artificial Intelligence. The department participates in

  • Two bachelor study programs Chemical and Process Engineering and Physical and Computational Chemistry,
  • One master study program Sensorics and Cybernetics in Chemistry,
  • One doctoral study branch Technical Cybernetics.

In addition, the epartment provides tuition of optional IT courses for other fields of study at ICT.

The scientific and research activities of the department are focused on the areas of control of technological processes and digital signal and image processing. The activities are oriented mainly on

  • Control and modeling of industrial biotechnological processes
  • Signal and image analysis
  • Analysis of microscopic images
  • Advanced processing of biomedical data
  • Molecular electronics.