Bioprocess Control

Everyone can drive a car, not bio-processes

Group Focus

The focus of the Bioprocess Control Laboratory research group is to model and control processes using populations of living microorganisms to produce useful substances such as biopolymers or antibiotics.

Data mining methods as well as methods of obtaining knowledge from various types of information and data sources (e.g. time courses, frequency spectra) and methods of modelling of bioprocesses including physiological ones are investigated. Intelligent methods of physiological control of bioprocesses such as knowledge-based supervisory process control, fuzzy on-line classification of physiological states or artificial neural networks as software sensors are studied.

The theoretical results are consistently verified by experimental cultivations in the laboratory and also applied in the development of multi-agent knowledge management systems for the control of specific model bioprocesses. More recently, these are the production processes of the mcl-PHA biopolymer by the Pseudomonas putida strain or the production process of the antibiotic nystatin by the Streptomyces noursei strain.


  • 1 professor
  • 1 associate professor
  • 2 doctoral students

Leader: assoc. prof. Pavel Hrnčiřík


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Research projects

Znalostní řízení biotechnologické výroby antibiotika nystatin, TAČR Alfa programme, Project No. TA03010165, 2013 – 2015
Sustainable Microbial and Biocatalytic Production of Advanced Functional Materials - BIOPRODUCTION, EC 6 FP, Project No. NMP2-CT-2007-026515, 2006 - 2010
Enhanced, Intelligent Processing of Food Wastes using Thermophilic Populations – INTELLTHERMCONTROL, EC 5 FP, Project No. QLK3-CT-1999-00004, 2000 – 2004
Knowledge-Based Control and Operation of Industrial Productive Bioprocesses, EC COPERNICUS programme, Project No. ERB-CIPA-CT94-0205, 1995 – 1998