Digital Signal and Image Processing

Discover usage in biomedical, biological, and engineering applications

Group Focus

Research interests of the Digital Signal and Image Processing Research Group are devoted to methodology, applications and general computational intelligence methods of digital signal and image processing in biomedical, biological, and engineering applications.

  • analysis of brain activities and EEG signal processing
  • polysomnography and breathing analysis
  • EMG signal processing and classification of muscle disorders
  • spatial modelling for gait and motion analysis
  • data processing in sport activities and rehabilitation
  • digital modelling in orthodontia
  • environmental signal monitoring
  • general computational intelligence, optimization and machine learning methods.

Theoretical topics studied within this multidisciplinary platform include functional transforms for data analysis, wavelet transforms and coherence methods, digital filters for rejection of undesirable signal components, segmentation and classification methods, image registration, computational intelligence and geometrical methods for the three-dimensional modelling.

Additional interests include modern technologies of sensors for signal, image and video recording. Results include statistical evaluation, feature extraction, classification, and verification of proposed methods for selected data sets in most cases. The general platform of multidimensional and multichannel signal processing include extensive interdisciplinary collaboration and applications of selected methods in biomedicine, neurology, robotics, diagnostics, human-man interaction and assistive technologies as well.


  • 1 professor
  • 5 assistant professors
  • 2 doctoral students and 2 students

Leader: prof. Aleš Procházka


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Research Projects

LTAIN19007 Development of Advanced Computational Algorithms for Evaluating Post-surgery Rehabilitation
Grant, 2020-2023

Educational Projects

Biomedical Signal Processing Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ERASMUS A LAS-PAL01, 2001 - Rozvoj výuky informačních technologií s využitím virtualizačního prostředí a distribuovaných výpočtů grant FRVŠ č.444/2010, 2010 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing ERASMUS UK CAMBRID01, University of Cambridge, 2007 - 2010 Informační technologie ve vzdáleném zpracování signálů a obrazů grant FRVŠ č.639/2001, 2001 Wavelet Functions in Processing of Environmental and Biomedical Signals and Images Brunel University, ERASMUS UK UXBRIDG01, 1999 – 2010

Further Activities

The Research Group participated on the organization of the ICASSP 2011 - IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (General Chairs: A. Procházka, P. Tichavský, J. Černocký)