Molecular Electronics

Interested in energy storage devices, sensors, passive electronic components?

Group Focus

The research group Laboratory of Molecular Electronics is engaged in research in the field of electrically conductive nanomaterials (conductive polymers, MXenes, graphene or carbon fibres) and their applications in the field of electronics (energy storage devices, sensors, passive electronic components).

  • synthesis, characterization and optimization of electrically conductive organic substances
  • design and electron microanalysis (SEM, EDX) of nanostructures of prepared materials
  • development and testing of electronic components’ prototypes
  • design and realization of systems for diagnostics and data acquisition


We cooperate very closely with the following institutes from the academic sector:

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University,
  • Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic,
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT Prague,
  • Center of Polymer Systems, Tomáš Bat’a University in Zlín.


  • 1 associate professor
  • 1 fellow
  • 2 doctoral students
  • several students in bachelor or master of science programmes

Leader: assoc. prof. Dušan Kopecký


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